Instructions for Reviewers

USG ensures a rigorous and unbiased peer review by the expert scientists in the area of research to maintain the high-quality editorial process for all manuscripts submitted to USG journals. The decision of article acceptance is judged by reviewer’s summary emphasizing the following:

  • The objective of the study or experimental design.
  • Appropriate implementation of methods.
  • Discussion of results and data analysis.
  • Novelty of the findings and conclusions having potential scientific impact.

The editor/editor-in-chief is responsible for the final decision to accept or reject a manuscript, based on the reviewers' comments and specific recommendations for the revisions.

Reviewer’s responsibility

  • The reviewer should maintain confidentiality about the content of the unpublished manuscript and uphold the highest standard of ethics during the peer-review process.
  • The reviewer should inform the editor about the potential personal or financial conflict of interest, if such exist.
  • Reviewer should provide a clear and concise un-biased feedback and should avoid personal criticism or comments to authors about the acceptance or rejection. The comments should be constructive and help the authors to shape the manuscript to be the best it can be.

USG operates an optional system of ‘peer review': open review or closed review. In the open peer-review process, reviewers are asked to sign the reviews with their name and affiliation. Upon acceptance, the pre-publication history including all the versions of the manuscript, reviewers' reports are made available online along with the final version of manuscript. However, Reviewers’ names are not disclosed and the pre-publication history of the article will not be made available online in the closed peer review process.

As a token of appreciation for the reviewers (as the peer-review process is purely voluntary in nature), USG provides a 25 % discount on the article processing charge for accepted manuscripts where the reviewer is the corresponding author, if submitted within 18 months of completing the review process.