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World Journal of Down Syndrome (DS) and Dementia

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Aims and Scope

World Journal of Down Syndrome and Dementia is an international, open access, and peer reviewed journal. We aim to publish original research articles, preclinical and clinical findings, and reviews that highlight new discoveries and developments that focus on understanding dementia in persons with Down syndrome. The journal will consider articles that study the molecular mechanisms of cognitive disability in young individuals and aging adults with Down syndrome that are affected by dementia. More specifically, authors of studies that attempt to identify: potential biomarkers; biological mechanisms of dementia; epidemiology; management of persons with Down syndrome and dementia; and novel therapeutic methods are highly encouraged to submit. All articles that are deemed coherent and sound by peer reviewers will be considered. An explicit focus of the journal is to maintain an international author- and readership and to include contributors who have been traditionally underrepresented in the literature.

For more information, please contact: editor(at)downsyndrome-dementia.com

Editorial Board

Ahmad Salehi, MD, PhD
Stanford Medical School, USA